Campus Cop / Hot Teacher Has Sex With Naughty Student

The School Campus Cop, Emilianna was on duty after during school and caught Alan, the naughty student pulling the fire alarm. So she is in charge of deciding on how he will be punished. She knows that she can either send him to the principal and let him figure it out, or she can take control of his punishment. After a bit of thinking, she decides to punish him her own way.

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Once Campus Cop got a hold of Alan, she knew exactly how he was going to get punished. She brought him into her office and she started to take off her clothes. He was going to have to have sex with this hot teacher/campus cop. But Alan wasn’t complaining because she was the hottest staff member in the entire school. Alan actually got excited as she took off more of her clothes to expose her perfect body. Once her clothes were coming off, she gave him a blowjob and sucked his cock nicely. She then took off her bra and panties, and the real fun was starting to happen! She was fucked from behind doggy style and then rode his hard cock like a professional. We have some exclusive pictures of this teacher sex and we need to show you more. Click on any of the thumbs or images to see a free movie and some more high quality pictures.

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